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Networked Solutions

We offer the unique solution of prompt high-effective radiation control on State Borders as well as inside the country. Our new development- Polimaster Nuclear Protection Network (NPNET™) system - intended for efficient interaction and on-line data exchange between the user and the mobile radiation control instrument, for example a personal radiation detector or radioisotope identifier, and remote Command and/or Expert Center which provides expert reach back in case of radioactive source detection. The scalable network allows monitoring of small areas covered by one or two radiation detectors as well as the entire city blocks and large urban areas using hundreds of detectors.

Building Protection

High-efficient network solutions for radiation building protection to control all entrances and trafficking of radioactive and nuclear materials inside the building. Fixed portal monitors and wall-mounted radiation detectors may be easily plugged into the network to constantly scan baggage and pedestrian flows.

Customs and Border Control

Polimaster offers the full range of radiation monitoring equipment for radiation control at the border: fixed radiation portal monitors (RPMs), persoanl radiation detectors (PRDs), radioisotope identifiers (RIDs).

Health Physics and Medicine

Personal dosimeters are designed for measuring continuous and pulse X-Ray and Gamma Radiation.Dosimeters are recommended for personnel,who works with X-ray or gamma radioactive materials.

Individual Radiation Protection

Increasing the use of radioactive materials and ionizing radiation in our life brings a new challenge to the individual radiation safety. We provide different types of electronic personal dosimeters for everyday use which technical and functional parameters are unmatched by any competitor's product. Polimaster's electronic dosimeters can be used by everyone, from the specialists to the general public and are meant to be used by anyone who is concerned about personal radiation safety.

Security and Police

We provide comprehensive products for Homeland security applications including radiation, nuclear and chemical detection equipment. Simplicity of use, high efficiency and network capabilities -all these features ideally fit various security applications.

Uranium Mining and Nuclear Fuel Production

Radiation protection of your personnel during uranium mining and nuclear fuel production cycle. We offer electronic dosimeters with LCDs which permanently monitor dose and dose rate and immediately alarm in case of health danger.