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10 Dec 2016Wireless automatic data transmission technology in 'RadResponder Network'

The RadResponder Network – radiological network in the USA, which was accepted as the national standard and Whole Community solution for the management of radiological data. After trainings in 2015, wireless automatic data transmission technology was implemented in the RRN.

"Life" exercise with FEMA’s RadResponder Network took place in 2015  in Sacramento, CA where Polimaster demonstrated  wireless automatic data transmission technology for such application.

During the training the most popular Polimaster’ Personal Radiation Detectors (PRD) PM1703MO-1BT were used.  Instruments are able to connect Apple and Android smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0 using "Polismart" application, which allows the end user to send PRD’s data and GPS coordinates to the network in real-time.

Wireless automatic data transmission technology was offered by Polimaster in 2003 in it's own product -  Environmental radiation monitoring system NPNET® , which was designed as a tool for high-effective radiation monitoring.


Polimaster' devices (PM1605-BT, PM1703MO-1 BT, PM1703-BT (new modification), PM1704 A/M/GN/GNM, PM1904A)  with a built in Bluetooth 4.0 module and "Polismart" mob. application can be integrated in the radiological networks for further analysis and radiation monitoring.