Contraband Detector

Contraband detectors are designed for prevention of ilicit trafficking and contraband by searching and detecting of hidden inserts (weapons, currency, secret compartment, etc.) and emptinesses located behind panels, partitions, within precincts of rooms or in any closed volumes  (tires, doors, bumpers, fuel tanks, etc.)


  • Police
  • Customs and Border Control
  • Security Officers



Small hand-held contraband detector for search of concealed contraband items, such as explosives, drugs, guns etc., in the tires, walls and hollows.

Recommended for use by Customs Officers, Border Patrol and Law Enforcement Agencies.

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The Contraband Detector indicates the presence of sealed radioactive material in any closed volumes (freight containers, automobile tires, doors, bumpers, fuel tanks, train carriages, etc). The instrument can be applied in impracticable for examination condition, where stationary examination equipment can not be used.

PM2030 indicates the identified objects and forms the library. Due to modular design of the device and telescopic extension pole, hard-to-reach places and large objects can be scanned. For work in noisy places, vibration alarm from the handle is provided.

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