Multipurpose Hand-Held Radiation Monitor PM1401K / KM

The small-size light-weight multipurpose radiation monitor for detection of alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation sources. Recommended for wide range of radiation monitoring procedures.

Polimaster’s PM1401K / KM Multipurpose Radiation Monitor designed for adequate detection of the alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation sources as well as for gamma spectra accumulation and precise measuring of gamma dose rate and levels of contamination of surfaces, contaminated with alpha and beta irradiating sources.

PM1401K is equipped with alpha, beta, gamma and neutron detectors.

PM1401KM is a light modification, equipped with alpha, beta and gamma detectors (without neutron channel).

The PM1401K / KM is capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Detect, search and locate the alpha, beta, gamma (both modifications) and neutron (only PM1401K) radiation sources;
  • Measure levels of contamination of surfaces, contaminated with alpha and beta irradiating sources;
  • Measure precisely the dose rate;
  • Alert users of the presence of a radiation source via both audible and vibrating alarms;
  • Record and store up to 500 event and 100 gamma spectra in its non-volatile memory;
  • Transmit all of the recorded data to a PC via an IR channel.


The PM1401K / KM multipurpose radiation monitor features three built-in radiation detectors in the one housing:

  • CsI(Tl) scintillation detector for search of the gamma radiation sources and recording of gamma spectra;
  • GM-based detector for measurement of gamma dose rate and evaluation of alpha and beta flux density;
  • He-3 neutron detector for search and location of the neutron radiation sources (only PM1401K modification).


Hermetic and shockproof case of PM1401K / KM instrument, along with fluorescent backlight of LCD screen, allows for easy operation even in the most harsh and unfavorable environment or weather conditions. The weight and the form factor of the instrument allow it to be easily clipped to a utility belt.

The multipurpose radiation monitor is recommended for first responders, security guards, police, customs officers and border patrol. No special experience or training is necessary to operate the instrument.

The PM1401K / KM Multipurpose Radiation Monitor can also be equipped with various functional accessories, including:

  • External Vibration-Alarming Device that allows the instrument’s user to be notified secretly of potential radiation sources without drawing the attention of other observers;
  • Telescopic Extension Tube, which allows the instrument to take measurements in otherwise difficult-to-access areas and ensures a higher degree of radiation protection for the user;
  • External Neutron Moderator for PM1401K modification to increase the neutron sensitivity by a factor 10.


PM1401K / KM  instrument is assigned NSN 6665-33-208-9126.

Standards compliance

Designed to meet ANSI N42.33 -2006, ANSI 42.34 - 2006, IEC 62327: 2006 requirements



PM1401K / KM
Search γ-channel
Sensitivity for 137Сs, no less
200 s-1/(μSv/h) (2 s-1/(μR/h))
Sensitivity for 241Am, no less
200 s-1/(μSv/h) (2 s-1/(μR/h))
Energy range in Search Mode
0.03 - 3.0 MeV
Indication range
DE measurement range
Accuracy of DER indication (at 137Сs)
in the range of 0.1 – 20 µSv/h (10 – 2000 µR/h),
no less
Gamma radiation scintillation spectra
acquisition channels
The number of γ-radiation scintillation spectra
saved in the instrument’s memory
up to 100
Activity measurement sample
density range
Accuracy of 137Cs nuclide activity measurementx
Sensitivity to 137Cs in the activity measurement modex
137Cs activity measurement range
when using Marinelli beaker
Search neutron-channel
Slow neutron counter (only in PM1401K)
- for Pu-α-Be
- for thermal neutrons
- for Pu-α-Be (with neutron moderator)
Neutron count rate measurement energy range
0.025 eV - 14 MeV (only in PM1401K)
Indication range
DER measurement range
(by Pu- α-Be source in collimated radiation)
Measuring γ-channel
Dose equivalent rate measurement range0.1 μSv/h - 100 mSv/h
Dose equivalent rate measurement energy range0.015 - 15 MeV
Measuring α and β-channel
a-radiation flux density measurement range

15 min-1cm-2 to 105 min-1cm-2
Sensitivity to α- radiation (239Pu)
β- radiation flux measurement range
6 min-1cm-2 to 105 min-1cm-2
Sensitivity to β- radiation (90Sr+90Y)
Energy range of the measured of β-radiation flux
0.15 - 3.5 MeV
242 x 58 x 57 mm (9½'' x 2¼'' x 2¼'')
650 g (22.9 oz)
Ingress protection code
Drop test on concrete floor:
CommunicationIRDA, Bluetooth
-30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
up to 95 % at 35 °С (95 °F)
Battery typeone AA battery
Battery lifetime
600 h
Power supply