Mobile Radiological Laboratory PM6000


The autonomous laboratory allows to solve the whole range of problems of radiation control at rapid and tactical response.

It can be used as the command center when overcoming accidents with radiation sources. Also, It can be converted for the solution of other tasks for ensuring radiation safety.


PM6000 is intended to perform the following functions:

  • prompt investigation of incidents involving nuclear and radioactive materials
  • prompt identification of nuclear materials
  • documentation and transfer of the received information from the place of accident to the remote command center for expert assistance and decision-making in real time
  • monitoring of radioactive environmental pollution (radiation data correlated with GPS coordinates are displayed on the built-in mapping system)
  • control both at check-points, and out of it
  • total control of situation
  • Mobile Teams management
  • permanent data exchange
  • support of experts
  • maintaining database
  • minimization of human factor

Environmental radiation monitoring system NPNET® enables continuous environmental radiation monitoring and detection of nuclear materials, receiving data from devices in real time, using radiological database from any device connected to internet. NPNET® provides permanent communication between expert center and various groups of users.

NPNET® can be installed in a mobile laboratory upon customer`s request.

Basic Instrumentation:


Installation on VW-Crafter 35 basis (optional)

Dosimetric equipment:

  • Personal Combined Radiation Detector PM1703MO-1 (read more)
  • Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector РМ1704GN (read more)
  • Wrist Gamma Dosimeter РМ1603А (read more)
  • Hand-held radionuclide identifier PM1410 (read more)

Basic equipment:

  • Laptop
  • Digital Camera
  • Xerox WC3220MFP
  • External HD
  • GPS
  • Portable electric generator


Mobile Detection System of radioactive and nuclear materials

Is intended for carrying out radiation control at the check points which aren't equipped with portal radiation monitors (or on temporary check points), carrying out radiation monitoring of immovable objects (parked car), and also for measurement of radiation from sources of small activity throughout a long time. The mobile laboratory includes built-in blocks from the portal radiation monitor, the information processing block, CCTV system to fix a case of detection of radioactive materials. Parameters on sensitivity correspond to parameters of sensitivity of portal radiation monitors (accordingly to number of detection blocks).

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