Networked solutions

Polimaster proprietary Nuclear Protection Network system (Polimaster NPNETTM) is a powerful tool for high-effective radiation monitoring. It can be used for applications ranging from monitoring of State Borders, certain areas to covering the country regions. The information to the Polimaster NPNET system can be transferred from fixed and mobile radiation detectors of various types (radiation portal monitors, spectroscopic personal radiation detectors and radionuclide identifiers), thus providing real time data exchange between a user on-site and a remote Unified Command Center or Expert Group.

Environmental radiation monitoring system NPNET®

POLIMASTER Nuclear Protection Network NPNET® is a modern powerful tool for highly-effective environmental radiation monitoring.

Mobile geo information system NPNET® integrates the remote server with software and various types of radiation detectors and provides detection, localization and radioisotope identification of radioactive and nuclear materials within a large territory in on-line regime.

NPNET® is intended to be used for combating illicit trafficking and inadvertent movements of radioactive and nuclear materials, for radiation safety maintenance in places with a high concentration of people and urban areas, for radiation control and monitoring in various radiation and nuclear incidents.
It can be used for applications ranging from monitoring of State Borders, certain areas to covering country’s regions.

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Personal Dose Tracker

Polimaster Dose Tracking System is intended to provide acute dose information for the personnel and operators, working with the X-ray scanning equipment. This information is complementary to any security monitoring system, provided by X-ray scanning equipment. The flexibility of the system allows for precise configuration and user set up to address dose monitoring needs for both X-ray system operators and personnel, frequently scanned by Personnel Security Screening Systems. All data are stored in the internal database with an option of exporting data to remote centralized data analysis and storage.

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