Personal Combined Radiation Detectors/Dosimeters PM1703MO-1/MO-2 /MO-1BT


The PM1703MO-1 and PM1703MO-2 instruments combine features of both Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) and Dosimeter in one housing.

Each instrument is equipped with two detection modules: highly sensitive CsI(Tl) scintillation detector and small-sized GM tube detector. CsI(Tl) scintillation detector allows to search for radioactive and nuclear materials and GM tube detector allows to measure dose rate of gamma radiation in the wide energy range.

PM1703MO-1BT - This modification is equipped with Bluetooth v 4.0 Low Energy Module (BLE112) and can exchange data with user’s mobile device in real time.



Devices of PM1703 series have equal radiological characteristics with the main competing devices and have a number of user benefits:

  • due to special detection algorithm, devices are able to detect smaller excess in 2-5 times of gamma radiation above the natural background within the time normalized by standards. On the other hand, it enables to alarm in shorter time in comparison with the requirements of the standards
  • due to operating time from one AA battery up to 1000 h., benefit in operating cost of the device over 6-year period is achieved: for РМ1703 series – not more than 50 dollars, for other competing devices – 180-1000 dollars
  • at the same time devices of the PM1703 Series remain one of the smallest PRDs in the world
  • devices of PM1703 series is the best value for reasonable price


The PM1703MO-1 and PM1703MO-2 models offer the highest performance of this type instruments which are currently available on the market. They meet requirements of applicable sections of ITRAP/IAEA, IEC 60846, IEC 62401, ANSI N42.32 and ANSI N42.33 standards.

The PM1703MO-1 and PM1703MO-2 instruments combine functionality of both Personal Radiation Detector and Dosimeter in the one package. The highly sensitive CsI(Tl) based detector ensures prompt gamma radiation detection and source location and together with GM tube detector enables precise dose rate measurement.

Instrument enables activity registration of the 134Cs, 137Cs radionuclides presented in different samples, such as food, drinking water, different liquids, crumbling construction materials, soil, etc. Besides, my means of the instrument the activity of the radionuclides in many wrapped/packed samples can be evaluated, meat, fish, etc. in pieces or carcasses weighting up to 50 kg.


The instrument enables the following modes:

  • registration of the specific (volumetric) activity without preliminary sample preparation (from 100 Bq/kg (Bq/l) to 9999 Bq/kg (Bq/l) at background level no more than 0.15 µSv/h
  • registration of surface activity in soil in situ registration geometry (without taking samples from the natural occurrence places) from 0.5 to 99.9 Bq/cm2.

The compact form factor of the instruments allows for easy fit on the user’s utility belt. Optional battery charger/cradle with sun protective screen enables effortless placement of the instrument on the vehicle dash board

The range of the possible applications varies from the health physics needs and the personnel acute dose monitoring to the security applications and area monitoring.



The instrument features expanded dose rate measurement range and large LCD for better result readings. Additionally, the PM1703MO-1 model is equipped with the optional vehicle charger/mounting cradle for easy placement on the vehicle dash board.


This modification is equipped with Bluetooth v 4.0 Low Energy Module (BLE112) and can exchange data with user’s mobile device in real time. Mobile apps (for iOS and Android) can be downloaded from the App StoreSM or from Google PlayTM.


This modification fulfills requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and is widely used for radiation security needs at the international events.

Standards compliance

Designed to meet ANSI N42.33 -2006, IEC 62401:2007, IEC 60846-1:2009, ITRAP+10 (IAEA) requirements


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CsI(Tl), GM tubeCsI(Tl), GM tube
for 137Сs, no less
85 (s-1)/(μSv/h) (0.85 (s-1)/(μR/h))85 (s-1)/(μSv/h) (0.85 (s-1)/(μR/h))
for 241Am, no less
100 (s-1)/(μSv/h) (1.0 (s-1)/(μR/h))130 (s-1)/(μSv/h) (1.3 (s-1)/(μR/h))
- for Pu - α-Be
- for thermal neutrons
- for Pu - α-Be on a phantom or
in the moderator chamber
Count rate range
Relative intrinsic error of count rate measurement
in range from 10 to 9999 s-1
Energy range
0.033 – 3.0 MeV0.033 – 3.0 MeV
DER indication range
from 0.1 µSv/h to 9.99 Sv/h 0.1 µSv/h to 9999 µSv/h
DER indication Rangefrom 0.01 µSv/h to 9.99 Sv/h0.01 µSv/h to 9999 µSv/h;
DE indication rangefrom 0.01 µSv to 9.99 Svx
DE measurement Rangefrom 0.1 µSv to 9.99 Sv
Accuracy ±(20+K1/Ḣ+K2·Ḣ)%

where Ḣ – DER value, mSv/h;
K1 – coefficient 0.0025 mSv/h;
K2 – coefficient 0.002 (mSv/h)-1
Response time0.25 s0.25 s
Radionuclide identification using
Bluetooth communication with
external Pocket PC or smartphone
Special nuclear materials (SNM)
Medical radionuclides 
Naturally occurring radioactive  materials (NORM)
Industrial radionuclides
Alarm typevisual, audio, vibrationvisual, audio, vibration
Data recording20001000
Environmental protectionIP65IP65
Drop test on concrete floor0.7 m (2.3 ft)1.5 m (4.9 ft)
0.7 m (2.3 ft) without cover
Power supplyAA (LR6) battery (Alkaline) 1.5 V,
min. 2000 mA/h
AA (LR6) battery (Alkaline) 1.5 V, min. 2000 mA/h
Battery life timeup to 1000 hours
up to 500 hours - for PM1703MO-1BT
up to 1000 hours

*at average background up to 0.3 µSv/h, LCD backlight,
audible and vibration alarms 5 min/24 hours
Operating temperature-30°C to 50°C
(-22°F to 122°F)

LCD indication from -20°C to +50°C
-30°C to 50°C
(-22°F to 122°F)

LCD indication from -20°C to +50°C
Size (without cover)72 x 32 x 87 mm
(2 7/8’’ x 1 ¼’’ x 3 3/8’’)
72 x 32 x 87 mm
(2 7/8’’ x 1 ¼’’ x 3 3/8’’)
Weight without package
not more than 200 g.250 g. including battery
Low battery warningLCDLCD
Overload indication
PC CommunicationPM1703MO-1 - IRDA
PM1703MO-1BT - Bluetooth 4.0 LE