Polimaster Innovating radiation detection technologies since 1992


Polimaster Europe UAB delivers the solutions for radiation control since 2006. Polimaster main line of business is designing and manufacturing professional equipment for radiation detection, monitoring and control.

Our product line includes: Electronic Personal Dosimeters (EPDs), Personal Radiation Detectors (PRDs), Radiation Portal Monitors (RPMs), Radionuclide Identifiers, Radiometers, Radiation Monitoring Systems, Chemical Warfare Agents Detectors, Contraband Detector etc.


Everyday thousands of industry professionals use our instruments to protect the environment, individuals and whole nations from the harmful effects of radiation. Amongst users of our equipment are Customs and Border control Services, police, security agencies, military, first responders and firefighters, nuclear power plants, transport and logistics companies, health care providers.

Polimaster equipment is used by companies and government agencies involved in nuclear fuel processing, power production, research and waste management throughout the world, helping to achieve consistency in health physics and nuclear measurement equipment, procedures and operations.

You can find Polimaster equipment anywhere, where people are concerned about reducing radiation and nuclear risks.

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